Customer Reviews

Hi MK As promised, here are some photos! My wife and I absolutely love the quality and image of the wallpaper. The installation was also very well done and I can't even find the joint lines. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Regards Jason
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- Jason
- Radiance
Finally can get down to write you this email after settling down in our new home. The 2 wall murals are great! Workmanship is good too, can hardly see the lines. Really wonderful, makes our home very special and personalized.
- Ariel
Just to let you know that the Midnight Paris City sketch has been nicely installed. Attached are a few photos of it in our master room. Please feel free to use it on your website/FB gallery. Many thanks for helping out in the process. There will be a couple more areas in the house that i believe will require perhaps another mural or decal. Will keep in touch with you
- Mave
Nice decal! my family members are not going to bang onto the glass anymore!
- Wen Jun
Dear MK, Wall mural installation done. Satisfied with the result. I am here to share some photos with you. Well done to the installer too. Thanks!
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- Ms. Fion
It change my dining area completely! Thanks CWD!
- Mr. Lim
Hi the. Installation of my wall mural had just completed. This is the new make over . Thanks for the great job and I like it.
- Mary
An economical and excellent way for kitchen cabinet decoration. Thanks!
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- Mr. Phua
We had been searching for an alternative bomb shelter cover up for long. Finally, we gave wall mural a try (tired of conventional wall paper & wood panel). Discussed with MK (creative wall decal) and he gave us some useful advice and pre-informed us that the hinges, groove will not be covered perfectly (fair enough :)). We were so 'Gan jiong' with the outcome and I must salute the installer, he did a marvelous job! Didn't expect the outcome will be sooooo good. He tried to cover and match up the wall mural carefully, every gap and lines were taken care nicely. Trimming of the door edges was well done too. Love the outcome now and our money well spent! Thanks!
- Ms. Tan
I happen to come across Creative Wall Decal website while sourcing for some ideas to cover up my big TV console wall which is only painted and rather plain. Found the Wall Mural rather interesting with lots of designs & themes. My husband and I was very pleased with MK's service and the extra mile he took to solve my little hiccup after the installation (which was my own fault), and now my TV console wall looks great and my guests who turned up on my house warming last sun were full of praises and I introduce them to go check out MK's website as well. I didn't know that I am the 1st customer who ordered the Wall Mural and I am very satisfied with the excellent service and good workmanship installation provided. Thank you once again MK!!
- Sammi
Received my stickers from Creative Wall Decal in great shape and can't wait to decorate my son's new room with my husband. We are happy with the sticker quality, thick material and colorful printing. The 'Pooh & Friends 2' design size is bigger than we thought. It really took up the whole wall (we even have one extra grass portion)! My son loves it very much! Thanks!
- Mrs. Ma
I was setting up my daughter room and my friends presented me a train sticker from Creative Wall Decal. It was one of the best gift I had for my baby girl. My wife & my baby girl love it so much. We started teaching her animal names and she always happy while learning that. I'm looking forward for other nursery designs for the other wall soon.
- Alvin
Thanks for adding colors & art to my plain wall! =) Cheer^^ I'll definitely recommend to all my friens! =D
- Purlyn
We just moved into our new place and Creative Wall Decal came in a right time. We didn't use ID for our new home. We DIY it with some decals instead. It looks completely different than before, and it is cheap too! These decals became the focus points of our guests and we are happily promoting your website to them :)
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- Rachel
I bought the decals to decorate my new room, I'm so crazy about this now! I even applied some snowflakes on my cabinet, and they just look great! I actually wanted to get some patternized wardrobe door but they're just too expensive, then i got this idea on applying some decals instead of the comes-tgoether-design for the wardrobe door. Now I'm very satisfied for the money that i've paid and of course the results! These decals are really value for money! I even applied the cherry blossom on my main wall and they looked so different now! I don't need to think of what to paint or what picture to put on the wall, instead these all solved my problems! Thousand thanks to Creative Wall Decal!!! I'll surely recommend this to all my friends!
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- Ms. Huey