Wall Decal

Love Romance
Love Romance Love Romance Love Romance
Love Romance
Price: SGD28.90
Packing sheet dimension: 49cm x 90cm
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- 100% made in Korea – Highest decal quality.

- Visible from both sides, perfect for glass decoration (good warning & prevention from banging the glass door J)

- Multiple color choices available for certain designs as standard.

- All stickers come with self-adhering glue, suitable for all flat surfaces like wall, glass, wood, lamination, metal, plastic, ceramic etc.

- 100% removable & repositionable without damaging the original surface and paint*. 

- Long lasting color with water & temperature resistance, suitable for outdoor and car application.

- Non-hazardous, non-toxic material. 100% kids friendly. 

Payment can be made via: 

1) Bank Transfer: 

- Bank: OCBC

- Account No: 594191223001

- Account Name: CWD Trading

2) Credit Card or Paypal:

- Paypal account: order@creativewalldecal.com

- Singpost registered parcel.

- 2-5 working days upon order & payment confirmation.

- Carton tube packing (well protected).

- Registered code & tracking link will be sent to the registered email upon shipping.

- Confirm application area. Smooth surface condition required. Extreme rough surface may shorten adhesive holding time. 

- Clean up surfaces with wet cloth to remove all dust, dirt & oil. Make sure surface is dry before proceeding to the next step. 

- Attach transferring sheet onto decal.

- Trim out the image accordingly (need not to be exact). Smaller decal size provides easier installation.

- For decals with few images, use masking tape to hold it in wall position before applying. This is to make sure all decals are in correct position before actual application. 

- Remove decal from base sheet by pulling the transferring sheet. Make sure the decal stays on the transferring film. 

- Paste the decal onto wall.

- Press decal against wall with a squeegee or card.

- Peel & remove the transferring film from top corner. 

- Pulling away transferring film slowly & carefully. If the decal pulls away from wall, re-press with squeegee & plastic card. 

- Follow the same procedure for other items.